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We couldn't be more thankful!

Our family was recently relocated to Mobile for work purposes. We unfortunately had never had the pleasure of even visiting Mobile which made this transition feel insurmountable. Insert the blessing of Jeff and his lovely assistant Avery. We couldn't be more thankful for all of their expertise through our house hunting journey. The amount of knowledge and love these two have for the Mobile community is truly second to none. Jeff helped guide our family with ease every step of the way, regardless of the request. Whether it was information about schools, pediatricians, hairstylists etc. He had an answer for it all and if by some small chance he didn't there was no doubt he'd find an answer for you. Jeff ended up not only the trusted advisor we needed in our home buying journey but a valued friend. There is no doubt that when the time comes to sell our beautiful home he will be the only person we'll call.

It was such a pleasure!

It was such a pleasure working with Jeff Jones when purchasing our home in Mobile. Jeff made this process so easy for me and my family. Like many people (and probably you if you’re reading this), my wife and I were looking to escape the cold snowy winters and high property taxes in New England. Most of everything we did was remote and Jeff was a trooper. I can’t express our gratitude enough to Jeff and Avery for their professionalism, patience, and knowledge when it came to finalizing our housing purchase. This team is the real deal. Having seen a few of Jeff’s YouTube videos prior to reaching out, there was an instant connection between me and the town that I used to call home the first 22 years of my life. I was originally born and raised in Mobile and when I saw Jeff’s passion for our city in his videos, I knew instantly that he was our guy. Just like he says in the video, when you call, he picks up! But not only that, when we finally met Jeff in person, I felt like I was talking to a long time childhood friend. This didn’t even feel like a business deal. Jeff (and Avery) were very conversational and super easy to relate to. We went the new construction route and Jeff mentioned things that I would’ve never imagined (like getting a home inspection) even though it was a brand new home. Who would’ve thought? Luckily we had Jeff because the home inspector found some small items that needed to be addressed although the home had been built 7 months prior. Overall, we love our new home and the subdivision we chose. Jeff Jones made this process very easy and convenient. There’s not too many people out there that look forward to selling/buying a home and going through all the moving process but the fact that we know a guy that can get us through it and take a lot off our plate makes us feel relieved. We highly recommend Jeff Jones and will use him again.

VERY Helpful!

Jeff Jones was very helpful and patient with us as we walked through the entire process of selling our home. He helped us set value range pricing that worked well and brought in multiple offers to choose from. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate and explained everything very clearly so that we could understand what was going on. We had a few glitches pop up along the way, but he was always there to help us and keep things moving. He is very professional and very responsive to your calls, emails, and texts.


Jeff is the very best real estate agent I've ever worked with. He's not just an agent, we are now lifelong friends. He's in the relationship business. Thank you!

Sold with Ease!

Jeff sold us a lot in Deer Crest and also sold our home. Jeff is easy to talk to and will not hesitate to help you in any way. I would highly recommend him. Thanks for your help Jeff. Joe & Jennifer Slade - Mobile, AL

He Was Quick!

When we were looking to buy a piece of property, Jeff was the realtor we used. He was always quick to answer any questions we had. If he couldn’t immediately answer one, he would get you the answer and this only took a matter of minutes. We would highly recommend Jeff if you are in the market to purchase real estate. Alan and Kendra Krout - Mobile, AL

Instant Response!

We had an excellent experience with Jeff. We messaged his Facebook page and within 5 minutes we had gotten a message back. The following day (Sunday at that) we asked about setting up an appointment to view the lots and that very same day Jeff met us to show us around. He was prompt at answering our questions and very personable. We have now closed on our land and look forward to building our dream home! Bryant & Stephanie Hautau - Mobile, AL

Great Guy!

Great Guy, just that plain and simple. You don’t meet people like him much in this world today. JW & Tyronda Redmond - Mobile, AL

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